Alumilene - Dog Kennels, Dog Gear Storage, Gun Vaults and Kargo Glide

*Waterer option discontinued

At 73.5” long, this is the ultimate dog kennel for the multi-dog outdoor enthusiast. The 70 Series dog crate fits in most 6-1/2’ pickup beds with plenty of space to fit up to three dogs comfortably. This model also comes with a standard, quick release, center door to separate front and rear dogs. If you’re looking for space with options, this is the dog kennel for you.

Options/Upgrades include Kargo Glides, dog kennel lights, dog kennel side doors, dog kennel fans and dog kennel ramps to prevent joint stress in your dog.

70 Series Models
K72-22-26 73-1/2″L x 22″W x 26″H 71″ x 21″W x 23-1/2″H 142 lbs $1,395
K72-22-22 (custom) 73-1/2″L x 22″W x 22″H 71″ x 21″W x 19-1/2″H 130 lbs $1,595

Standard Features

  • Slide Ventilation – Slide to desired position. Has adjustable tension screws.
  • Dry Floor – Keeps moisture away for warmth and comfort.
  • Front Handles – Oval cutouts allow for easy handling
  • Center Door – Swings into closed (to divide compartment) or open position to separate front and rear dogs.
  • Door Locking System – Padlock not included


  • Top Storage Walls – Allows for storage above kennel.
      • Add 1-3/4″ to standard height.
      • Add 6 lbs to standard weight.
      • Price: $95




  • 12 Volt Fan and Light System – Keeps your dog comfortable on those hot days. Interior lighting system for those early risers or late nights in the field.
      • Add 3.5 lbs to standard weight.
      • Price:$295


  • Kargo Glide – Allows easy access to cargo.
    • Add 26 lbs to standard weight.
      • Price: $365




  • Side Door – Side Door option allows entry/exit for the dog in the back of the kennel without having to let them out the front.
    • Add 2.5 lbs to standard weight.
    • Price: $195



  • HDX Ramp (Heavy Duty Extra Long) – Extends up to 88″ – Ramp stores underneath  and slides out from the bottom of the kennel. Prevents your dog from getting joint stress and incurring expensive veterinary bills.
    • Add 2 7/8″ to standard height.
    • Add 23 lbs to standard weight.
    • Price: $375




  • Base Slide Frame (allow kennel to slide) – Solid frame allows kennel to be pulled out to tailgate edge in order to extend ramp or for cleaning out kennel.
    • Add 3-1/4″ to standard height.
    • Add 9 lbs to standard weight.
    • Price: $195

Alumilene - Dog Kennels, Dog Gear Storage, Gun Vaults and Kargo Glide