vAlumilene - Dog Kennels, Dog Gear Storage, Gun Vaults and Kargo Glide

The Alumilene Gun Vault is the organized outdoorsman’s dream. These high-quality gun vaults feature a weatherstripping face for a watertight seal, carpeted interior, and keyed locking system. The 50 and 70 series gun vaults hold up to seven guns. Large capacity drawers for guns, ammo, clothing and whatever else you take to the field make these vaults a necessity for the serious outdoorsman. If you’re looking for organization, protection, and security for your guns and gear, then you need a gun vault from Alumilene. All of our gun vaults are white to keep your necessities cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The cabinet is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE*) which is adhered to exterior grade plywood. All exterior seams are sealed with an UV protected adhesive caulk. The drawer is made from Baltic Birch plywood which is covered with a marine grade carpet.  The drawer front is solid HDPE. We offer numerous series and models to fit various needs and specifications.

Add an optional Kargo Glide to the top of your vault for additional storage with the advantage of reaching all your gear with ease.

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30 Series Vaults
50 Series Vaults
70 Series Vaults

Alumilene - Dog Kennels, Dog Gear Storage, Gun Vaults and Kargo Glide

 * HDPE plastic has several properties that make it ideal as a high strength product. It’s stronger than standard polyethylene, acts as an effective barrier against moisture and remains solid at room temperature. It resists insects, rot and other chemicals. HDPE creates no harmful emissions during its production or during its use by the consumer. Also, HDPE leaks no toxic chemicals into the soil or water.