Alumilene - Dog Kennels, Dog Gear Storage, Gun Vaults and Kargo Glide

The 30 Series gun vaults have a maximum length of 38-5/8″, making it a great option for the individual who has a smaller amount of storage for gear and field accessories. A carpeted interior prevents scratching and gear movement, plus the interior contains ample amount of space for gear and ammo storage. The lock and key gun drawer keeps your valuables safe, and the SUV gear drawers and pickup storage system will keep your vehicle organized. We know that once you own one of these high-quality gun vaults, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

Optional features include a Kargo Glide, which allows easy access to gear and cargo.

30 Series Models

V38-22-10 38-5/8″L x 22″W x 10-1/4″H 33″L x 18-1/4″W x 6″D 65 lbs $995
V38-22-12 38-5/8″L x 22″W x 12-1/4″H 33″L x 18-1/4″W x 8″D 70 lbs $995
V38-22-16 38-5/8″L x 22″W x 16-1/4″H 33″L x 18-1/4″W x 12″D 80 lbs $1095
V38-48-16 38-5/8″L x 48″W x 16-1/4″H 33″L x 44-1/4″W x 12″D 145 lbs $1895

Standard Features

  • Vault Drawer – Slam latch with keyed lock and carpeted interior.
  • Keyed Locking Drawer – Key lock completely locks entire vault.
  • Carpet – Creates soft interior to prevent scratching and moving around of gear


  • Top Storage Walls – Allows for storage above kennel.
    • Add 1-3/4″ to standard height.
    • Add 3 lbs to standard weight.
    • Price: $75

  • Kargo Glide – Allows easy access to cargo.

    • KG 30 Series 22 – 38″L x 22″ W x 3″H – Add 15 lbs to standard weight – Price $295
    • KG 30 Series 48 – 38″L x 48″ W x 3″H – Add 26 lbs to standard weight – Price $495


  • Bed Mount Plates – Allow for mounting into bed of vehicle. One plate installs on the front and the other one on the back. Four screws fasten the plate to the bottom of the unit, and the other 4 holes are for you to bolt or screw to the bed of your vehicle.

    • Add 4 lbs to standard weight.
    • Price: $85


  • Side Handles – Allow for easy installation and removal

    • Add 4 lbs to standard weight.
    • Price: $65



Alumilene - Dog Kennels, Dog Gear Storage, Gun Vaults and Kargo Glide