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Dog Ramps And Waterers

These high-quality, stand-alone dog ramps simply set on the end of your tailgate to ensure quick and easy loading and unloading of your dog. The HDX Series dog ramp extends up to 88’’ for ease of use in most bed height applications.

50 Series 55″L x 16″W (Optional Ramp Tail Gate Plate, Add $35 to price) $225
70 Series 71″L x 16″W (Optional Ramp Tail Gate Plate, Add $35 to price) $245
HDX 52″L x 16″W, expands up to 87″ (Optional Ramp Tail Gate Plate, Add $35 to price) $375


Our waterers can be ordered with our dog kennels or can be ordered separately. Each waterer also comes with a 3/4″ fill spout (or the waterer can be backfilled with a garden hose), a 24″ quick detach hose that attaches to the faucet, and a mounting bracket for easy attachment to your dog kennel.

Waterer 1 Tube Length 28″, 1.5 Gallons. For use with 30 Series Kennels. $235
Waterer 2 Tube Length 35″, 1.75 Gallons. For use with 30 Series Kennels $235
Waterer 3 Tube Length 55″, 3 Gallons. For use with 50 Series Kennels. $275
Waterer 4 Tube Length 69″, 4 Gallons. For use with 70 Series Kennels. $275

To fill with a garden hose simply remove the fill spout cap and open faucet valve. Mounting brackets included.