Alumilene - Dog Kennels, Dog Gear Storage, Gun Vaults and Kargo Glide

In 2011 I met Dan at Pheasant Fest, as I was a guest speaker at the event. I am a clay target instructor and an upland guide with my Brits, Sugar and Nutmeg. I looked very hard at dog kennels and gun vaults for my truck. Seeing Alumilene, and doing some research on it and other models out there, I then purchasing 2 guns vaults and a 50 series double kennel, with ramp, and cargo glide. It turned out to be the best purchase I could have made for the comfort and safety of my dogs, as well as the ease of use by me in teaching the shotgun sports. My truck is my life, and now everything I need is in one place, safe, secure, and ready to hit the field or the clay’s course. In 2016, I added a new addition, when the third “Spice Girl”, Nutmeg, came into our lives, and I needed another Kennel. Not only did I get another Kennel, Dean custom made the kennel to ride on my cargo glide so it complimented my other kennels perfectly in ease of use. To boot, they installed the new Kennel for me at this years Pheasant fest. What more could you ask for. Make no mistake, these products are not cheap, but if you want the very best out there for your gun dogs, and yourself, look no further. Great product, Great people, Great service……………..the way an American made product should be. My dogs are like my kids, and if you want them to perform at their best, I need to provide the best. Alumilene is the best

Tom F.
Poughkeepsie, NY

I Bought a side by side model for the back of my pick up, added the fan and lights option and use it every weekend hunting. Dan and Dean are great to talk to and work with, I think we had roughly 20 emails back and forth before I actually bought it. Thanks again for the great dog box!!

Chris Prins
Wilmont, Minnesota

I ordered a model K58 in May and just received it. Prior to ordering, I made a least 4 phone calls asking various questions. Dean and Dan were always more than polite and helpful throughout the order process. The box was shipped as promised, well packaged and is “as advertised”. WORLD CLASS product and over the top customer service. I highly recommend Alumilene. I have a lab that just qualified for the 2015 Master National. Cannot wait for the road trip to South Carolina. He will be traveling in style.

Paul Brady
Austin, TX

Just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how pleased we are with our new 70 Series kennel. Our first trip to North Dakota with the three dogs, they had a load of room and the storage on top of the kennel is awesome. They even stayed toasty warm on some cold North Dakota hunting days! Thanks so much.

Erik & Teresa Sweet . Molly, Betty and Cleo too
North Dakota

We have 4 hunting dogs and had just purchased a Yukon XL to replace out old hunting truck. We had struggled to fit multiple dog kennels along with all of our stuff into the vehicle, and when we saw the layout of these kennels at the Sportsman Show, we knew they were made for us!

We can easily remove teh kennels for cleaning or to replace the 3rd seat, and the dogs can jump in and out without threat of injury. The kennels do fill the back of the vehicle, but there is still plenty of room on top for luggage, gun cases, and other miscellaneous items. Since we have a teenager. we need to be able to have the backseat area open for him and a friend as well, and we all ride in quiet comfort. We have, and will continue to highly recommend the Alumilene Kennels to others.

Chris & Julie Nelson
Brandon, SD

In the summer of 2011 I purchased an Alumilene Dog Kennel System. It is fantastic! I had not seen one or been able to find anyone with experience with them but I thought it was sure to solve all my problems. It is by far the best thing I have found. The kennels are well thought out and convenient to use. The fact that they slide out and have a ramp is awesome and the slides work great. Jumping down from the truck is so hard on the dog’s shoulders. The vault is nicely built and has holders for guns. I am now able to be organized and find what I need without moving everything around and getting it all jumbled up. The slide on top of the vault allows me to carry all my training gear and have it easily available to use. I was so tired of having to move equipment to get my dogs in and out that I just started leaving some of it at home. Then when I needed it I didn’t have it. Training is great now and I can carry everything along, access it easily, and get to my dogs without moving anything. I have used it in all weather conditions including extreme Indiana heat and humidity. My dogs stayed as comfortable in this kennel as any of the other dogs did in other kennels. The fan moves so much air that I actually found myself opening the door of the kennel to stand in front of the fan to cool myself off. I use the system for training, traveling to hunt tests and going hunting. The Alumilene Dog Kennel, Vault & Slide System was well thought out and well executed. It is sturdy and built to last. It is a convenience I will never be without as long as I have my dogs! If anyone would like to see one I am located in Indiana and would be happy to let you come and take a look.

Thanks Dan,
Luwana Hobbs
UH HRCH Sachmo’s Princess Abbigale MH (1996 – 2011)
UH HRCH Double Barrel Hot Shot Tyler MH

I love my Alumilene kennel. I drive a Honda Odessey and struggled for years with crates and equipment until I met Dan and his kennel system. I have a 2 dog kennel and still have the ability to raise a seat in the back if needed to carry and extra “human” passenger. I am a 5’5″ 135 lb female and can slide the fully loaded kennel out without difficulty, and I can remove it from my van without assistance. I am also an avid bird hunter and run AKC hunt tests at the senior and master level. The ease of traveling with this system, the fan for cooling, the slide for access to equipment and the water tank make being in the field so much nicer, not to mention the ease of cleaning. I love it so much that I have just ordered a vault for guns and hunting gear. Buy one…I guarantee you won’t regret it.


I recently purchased an Alumilene kennel system and am very happy with it. I am an active field trialer and hunt test guy, avid pheasant and duck hunter and currently have two labs. (soon to have 3) I have a Ford F 150 4×4, 6 1/2′ bed with a Unicover 30 ” pro topper. I have two vaults, a two dog, double kennel with a fan, on top of one and a slider on top of the other. It is a slick system. I can get at everything without having to crawl in the truck. I can add a third kennel on the slider as required. I went to Alumilene in Iowa and had spacers put over both wheel wells so that I have a level floor over the vaults and we put in three 6′ lenths of 8″ pcv pipe for blind poles and stickmen. Lots of places for storage. I worked with Dan for over a month to make sure everything would fit just how I wanted. He was very accommodating and understood my needs. The system is worth every penny and I highly reccommend this product and the caring people at Alumilene. Feel free to contact me for an objective opinion.

Ron Adlington
2011 Canadian National Amateur Retriever Championships Finalist
2010 NAHRA Richard A. Wolters Invitational Finisher
Owner FTCH AFTCH RDCs Jazztime Trips Ink Spot MH